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I grew up in Tivoli, a small, historic town nestling in the hills of the Roman Campagna and the Grand Tour destination of 18th century travellers. Like most Italians I was surrounded by little hill top towns which were full of history, art and of course great food, and a short drive away was Rome. Perhaps with a youthful wish to emulate the great architecture of the ancients and the Renaissance and Baroque masters I studied architecture at University but the Italian love of good food and fine wine pulled me in to the world of restaurants, which I ran in both London and Rome.

In the 1990s a friend directed me to the internationally acclaimed Blue Badge Tourist Guiding Course in London. All my interests suddenly fell into place…architecture and art, good food and fine wine, history and human beings, dreams and nightmares, achievements and disasters… all the elements which together make a city… and all the flavours for a wonderful tour!

After a decade guiding in London (and inspiring my daughter to become a guide as well!), I moved to Rome and qualified as an Official Rome Guide. I welcome the opportunity to show you Rome and its surroundings, and hope to give you insight into what led to and challenged one of the most powerful institutions in history, The Roman Empire; how that led to the establishment of Christianity which has it's headquarters at the Vatican in Rome; and the influence of both on both medieval and modern history.

Please explore the website and then get in touch so that I can organise your perfect Roman holiday!

I am a member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding.